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    You Say Hipster, I Say Visionary. Let’s Discuss.

    True lovers of the thrift store hunt know that vintage never left. There’s nothing quite like flipping through hanger after hanger of modern threads only to pause like a deer in the headlights when you find that perfect vintage piece. My personal favorite are floral dresses, soft woolen sweaters with intricate embroidered details and knee-length skirts with an elastic waist. Like an old man waxing poetic while sitting on a bench in front of the coffee shop, I love to lament to my friends and family members that they simply don’t make things the way they used to anymore. I have about 10 vintage pieces in my wardrobe that were…

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    How to Lighten Bold Colors on Clothing

    We’ve all been there. You’re strolling the aisles of your favorite thrift store, coffee cup in hand and a great playlist streaming through your earbuds. You’re in the zone, flipping through old polyester jackets with sky-high shoulder pads and denim dresses with Tweety Bird patches sewn on. You know exactly what you’re looking for — and what you’re definitely not there to find. Then, you spot it. It’s the perfect shape and size, with the perfect vintage flair that always catches your eye. The only problem? It’s washed in a shade brighter than the noonday sun. Or, it’s a patchwork of mismatched, conflicting colors that actually kind of gives you…

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    Let’s Talk About That Smell (You Know the One)

    There’s nothing like finding the perfect thrifted dress. It’s dainty with a string of pearl buttons down the front. It’s floral. Preferably, it has deep pockets to store treasures like a smooth rock from a child, or a tiny bouquet you pulled over to pick from the roadside on your way home. You bring it back to your house, slip it on and pray that the funky scent wafting from it earlier at the store is gone. You even rolled down the windows on the way home to air it out! It should surely be fresh as new by now, right? Wrong. Unfortunately, even after multiple washings with regular detergent, your…

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