About Me

Hi y’all!

I’m Courtney! I’m a work-from-home mother of two with mad love for everything thrifted, vintage, and pre-loved. I ran an online e-commerce shop, Vintch, for five years, where I resold my secondhand treasures and had a blast doing so. I would leave my office job every day at noon and spend my entire lunch break perusing my favorite nearby vintage shop. I’d bring home armfuls of floral dresses, ruffly blouses, and gorgeous structured bags nearly every evening!

While that was such a fun time for me, I decided to close the shop in 2014 to spend more time at home with my daughter. Since then, I’ve rediscovered that love of thrifting as I introduce my children to the thrill of the hunt! Now, I’m starting this blog because I know how passionate and fabulous the thrifting community is. I’m excited to connect with you and talk about what it means to truly love the art of thrifting.

Along the way, I’ll be sharing my tips and tricks on how to make the most of your thrifting adventure. From getting that glorious thrift shop scent (you know the one) out of your new blouse to removing dye to make bold items more wearable, I’ll cover it all. So follow along and let’s learn from one another!

Got questions? Partnership inquiries? Want to share a pic of that amazing vintage coat you just snagged? Let me know! You can reach me at courtney@ilovethrifting.com.

Happy shopping!